Many have found joy in not commuting to work, some have had to go to work regardless. Some have been exploring the great outdoors, discovering the great walks and scenery that Meltham and the local area have to often. Others though have been shielding, reliant on others for their shopping, prescription pick-ups and have been staring at their four walls for weeks on end.

We want to capture these stories – through video, images, diaries – any format you feel appropriate. Whether they are about the stresses of keeping a business afloat, being furloughed or just keeping on, keeping on. Create a profile and upload your stories.

What we intend to do with these snippets, is to create a digital archive of ‘life through lockdown’. To document for future generations the emotions and impact of living in Meltham during the pandemic.

We are currently exploring funding routes to curate and produce a theatre production, bringing together all the stories, clips and images to tell a story, once we’re out of lockdown and ‘new normal’ reigns.

We’re looking for video that is captured by you. It could be you out on a walk, capturing what is special to you. It could be a recorded Zoom conversation with your family, friends etc. An online quiz, (socially distant) party in the street or a blog about how you’re fighting away the boredom (or to save your business).

We’re looking for images – these could be screenshots, pictures taken on your phone of a new found ‘safe space’, or something that makes you feel comfortable. It could be your empty kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon, when ordinarily your family would have visited.

We’re looking for written word pieces – poems, stories, diaries, emails and letters or text messages sent to you that mean something to you, or that you never want to see again.

Essentially, any content that tells YOUR story of the last few weeks. We’re looking to capture the last few weeks and then document the next few months as life changes again as we move towards the prospect of the easing of social distancing.

Everything you submit will be stored securely.

We invite you to use it as a repository, your own diary space. We need to collect a little bit of personal information about you too – this is so that when we come to curate the content that is submitted, we can contact you to get the permissions required for things such as if it to be used within the theatre production. If other people are in your content that you submit, we’ll also need to know who is in it, so that we can get their permission too. If we can’t get the correct permissions, then we may use the essence of the story, but maybe not the content. If you choose to you can also delete all your submissions – so you are in total control.

To create your story of lockdown in Meltham, please create an account or login if you’re returning to add more of your story to it.